Attack on nuclear scientists: Iran spreads new version


NAfter the fatal attack on Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a senior Iranian security officer accused Israel on Monday of using “electronic devices” to kill the researcher remotely. Accordingly, the Secretary of the National Security Council of Iran, Ali Shamchani, said on state television during the funeral ceremony for Fakhrizadeh.

The attack was an operation with “a completely new style and a completely new method,” said Shamchani. He also accused the exiled Iranian People’s Mujahedin group of having “played a role”. The People’s Mujahedin initially did not answer a request from the AP news agency.

The authorities had previously stated that a truck had exploded and that armed attackers opened fire on Fakhrizadeh. The English-language program of Iranian state television had previously reported on a weapon that is alleged to have been seized at the crime scene. The logo and features of the Israeli arms industry were discovered on this. The Arabic-language broadcaster on state television, Al-Alam, reported that the weapons were “satellite-controlled”. The semi-official Fars news agency reported this on Sunday. Evidence for the information was not given.

Iran suspects Israel to have already killed several Iranian scientists. Israel has not yet commented on the killing of Fakhrizadeh. The 59-year-old researcher was the head of the research and innovation department of the Iranian Ministry of Defense. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once called him the “father” of the Iranian nuclear program.

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