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Austria Wien and, sensationally, fourth division Vienna are in the quarterfinals of the ÖFB Cup. While the Veilchen celebrated a 5-3 home win over Bundesliga rivals TSV Hartberg on Wednesday, the Vienna achieved a great deal against Altach. The traditional Viennese club celebrated a deserved 2-1 home win over the Oberhausclub Altach with goals from Volkan Düzgün (8th, 55th).

The Viennese city division started like a raid and after a perfect pass from Stefan Baldia by a lifter from Düzgün took an early lead, which only lasted twelve minutes. After a cross from Altach captain Emanuel Schreiner, Daniel Nussbaumer missed the ball, but Obasi lurked behind it and scored to equalize. Then a real cup fight developed, which was decided by a catastrophic defensive carver of the Altacher, whereby Düzgün was able to use a Stanglpass to the final score.

Austria had previously retaliated for the 1: 2 defeat in the defeat at the end of October. The goals for the hosts were scored by captain Alexander Grünwald (12th), Stephan Zwierschitz (17th), Benedikt Pichler (41st), Manprit Sarkaria (49th) and Dominik Fitz (65th). The goals for the Styrians came from Dario Tadic (57th), the ex-Austrian Sascha Horvath (81st) and Seifedin Chabbi (84th / Foulelfer), who hit the bar with another penalty in the 91st minute. It was the first competitive success for Austria after the last four league games without a win (two draws).

The Stöger-Elf had their first top chance shortly after kick-off, but Aleksandar Jukic chased Pichler’s penalty area pass into the clouds (2nd). Ten minutes later, a nice action and an assist from Jukic led to the deserved 1-0 through Grünwald. The Hartberg defense also looked bad at 2-0, which meant that the criminally neglected Zwierschitz was successful after his shot, initially blocked by goalkeeper Rene Swete.

The best Hartberg opportunity before the break missed Tadic, who failed because of goalie Patrick Pentz (36th). Shortly before, the Styrian striker was held in the penalty area by Grünwald and fell, but Referee Stefan Ebner’s whistle remained silent (34th). The 3-0 was reminiscent of the second goal, because Pichler was also able to dust off after his own shot because the Hartberg defense was asleep again.

Even after the change, Austria stayed on the trigger: After Chip von Fitz, Sarkaria slammed the ball into the Kreuzeck in a remarkable manner. A positional error enabled Tadic to score the first guest goal before Fitz scored to 5-1 after Sarkaria’s preliminary work. Hartberg did not resign despite this clear residue and came through a perfect flick from Horvath and a transformed Foulelfer from Chabbi to two hits in the finish. Chabbi then skipped another penalty – wrongly imposed by Referee Ebner – in stoppage time.

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