Austria’s basketball players lose to Ukraine


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Austria’s men will also have to admit defeat in the fourth game of Group F qualifying for the Eurobasket 2022. In the “bubble” of Ljubljana, the team of Coach Korner of Ukraine is just under 67:70.

The Austrian team defended very well from the start and forced their opponents to make many mistakes. The offensive did not work well and five attempts in the first quarter were also discarded from the free throw. The first part of the game went to Ukraine at 16:14. In the second quarter, the Ukrainians extended their lead to up to nine points by the middle of the section. That was the starting shot for a 10-0 run by the Austrians, who were able to take the lead until the siren was heard.

The Austrians overslept the start of the third quarter and were eight points behind after just over three minutes. As the day before against Slovenia, the throw from outside was a weak point of the national team. Coach Korner’s quick timeout took advantage and his team came back to two points. With a three, Ukraine made the quarter stand of 50:45. In the final section, the Austrians forced the opponent to lose more ball and with two free throws from Vujosevic Austria put on 53.53. From that point on it was an open game. The Ukrainians are very error-prone (a total of 27 turnovers), but the Austrians exploited them too little. They awarded many easy throws (including a total of eleven free throws) and the last three-way attempt also missed the target. Team Austria had to admit defeat just 70:67 in this game.

Raoul Korner: “Congratulations to Ukraine on their victory. The game was on a knife edge. We had more ball possession than our opponents and in the end we didn’t make enough of it. Ukraine was more callous and they hit the litter in the important phase. It was a step forward for us and we are on the right track. In the next national team window we should strike now. ”

Thomas Schreiner: “We forced the opponent to make a lot of mistakes through our aggressive defense. Unfortunately we left far too many simple points today and the last throw was not made. ”

Benedikt Güttl: “As far as throwing is concerned, it was not our day today and this bitter defeat is deserved.”

Ukraine vs. Austria 70:67 (16:14, 29:30, 50:45)

ÖBV-Scorer: Güttl 16 (personal best in the national team), Vujosevic 15, Mahalbasic 11 (7 rebounds, 9 assists), Ogunsipe 7, Ersek, Lamesic and Schreiner 4 each, Friedrich and Murati 3 each

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