Author Houellebecq: You can attack religion


Frankfurt, November 29, 2020 (KAP / KNA) From the point of view of the writer Michel Houellebecq, one can attack religion. He himself defends the freedom of speech, said the author (“submission”, “elementary particles”) in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”. With regard to the accusation of being Islamophobic, he said that he was as ambiguous as his characters. However, he feels the “obligation” to defend hostility to Islam – “whether I am an Islamophobic myself or not. Because that must be part of the opinions that one is allowed to express.”Overall, an “obvious return of the religious” can be observed today, according to Houellebecq. It’s not just about Islam. “In recent times one has also got the impression that there has been an awakening of Catholicism, and that is utterly astonishing, because Catholicism was already declared dead.” The return of the religious was completely unpredictable.

Attacking religions as a writer has become “a fairly dangerous pleasure”. This increases the pleasure, but at the same time also reduces it, the author explained. Religions could quickly appear ridiculous because of their “incomprehensible forms of expression”. Overall, you have the feeling that you are touching something sacred; therefore it is exciting.

When he goes to mass, he always thinks, said Houellebecq. “But as soon as I’m outside, it falls off me again.” He compared the experience to drug use: “There’s always a crash.” Occasionally he had a “touch of faith”, but knew that it was not permanent.

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