AVM Fritz!Box 6660 Cable Test


The Fritz! Box 6660 Cable supports the current Wi-Fi 6 standard (ax WLAN), which promises better transmission rates compared to the previous technology and, above all, better device management. The technology theoretically promises data streams of up to 574 Mbit / s on the 2.4 GHertz and 2,402 Mbit / s on the 5 GHertz band.

The handy housing is in the classic white and red Fritz! Box design and is less noticeable than, for example, the Rapture GT-AX11000 with its external antennas. There are numerous connections on the back. This includes four 1 Gbit / s LAN ports, a 2.5 Gbit / s port and a USB-A interface for using a media server. A connection for an analog telephone, answering machine or fax is also included. The telephone system with DECT base supports up to six handsets. The integrated answering machine including e-mail forwarding is also interesting. With the “Fritz! App Fon”, landline connections can even be established via mobile devices (smartphone, tablet).

The Fritz! Box 6660 has IPv6 and is downward compatible with previous WLAN generations (ac, n). Additional features include the protected setup via WPS, WiFi guest access and support for mesh networks. As usual, the new Fritz! Box can also be used as a printer, FTP or VPN server and with “MyFritz” a cloud service is available. The router can be set up and reconfigured later using a browser or app as well as the clearly laid out Fritz!

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