Bachelorette (RTL): Kiss Marathon – Melissa smooches with all the rose boys


After kissing Ioannis, home dates on RTL really get down to business. Bachelorette Melissa Damilia smooches with all the rose boys.

Crete in Greece – After this kiss is before kiss. In the sixth episode “The Bachelorette” (RTL) stand the long-awaited Homedates With Melissa Damilia (25). Even if they take place on the Greek sunny island instead of in the home of the rose boys due to the corona, there are a few wonderful hours waiting for the rose lady and her chosen ones.

Yet the feelings of the youngest Bachelorette in the RTL-Story go crazy. With three of them Homedate candidates smooches Melissa Damilia around and gives the fourth a chaste kiss. Who can end up on the much sought-after? Dreamdates and for him the love adventure ends in the sixth episode? has the details.

TV show: Die Bachelorette
First broadcast: 10. November 2004
Year (s): 2004, 2014–2015, since 2017
Episodes: 46 in 7 seasons
Sender: RTL Television
Long: 90 minutes
Occupation: Nadine Klein, Gerda Lewis, Arne Jessen

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Corona sensation – Homedates in Crete instead of in Germany

In the fifth episode the current Bachelorette season on RTL it was finally time. Rosenboy Ioannis Amanatidis (30) drew the big lot and got the romantic Single dates and the night together, the first kiss from Melissa Damilia. But hardly has the first ice broken and the Homedates are waiting, the dating show really gets down to business.

At the Bachelorette home dates, Melissa Damilia puts down a flawless kiss marathon (


Corona-related increase Melissa Damilia and the remaining four rose boys not on the next plane back home. Instead, the Bachelorette For Ioannis, Daniel Häusle (24), Leander Sacher (22) and Moritz Breuninger (31) with a romantic Group dates a surprise. The families of the RTL-Candidates traveled to Greece especially for their home dates. Instead of learning over coffee and cake at home Melissa now know the loved ones of your rose contenders in Crete – of course, due to the Corona, without handshakes and deep hugs.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Kiss Marathon – tongue acrobatics at home dates

Warning, spoiler alert! While Melissa Damilia is talking to the parents, siblings and friends of Ioannis, Daniel, Leander and Moritz still shows her likeable side and proves daughter-in-law qualities, it works, hardly are Melissa and your Rosenboys finally alone, really down to business. Because with three RTL candidates she smooches around and gives the fourth a chaste Bus’s.

Daniel Häulse kicks off. Actually, the likable Austrian already has it the first time Single dates radioed, but now he’s finally getting closer to his beloved. Cuddles by candlelight Melissa Damilia in his arms until it becomes the long-awaited kiss comes. The two give each other for minutes Bachelorette lovebirds each other and demonstrate their tongue acrobatics. Giggling there Melissa to: “He can kiss well.”

But after that kiss is before kiss. Actually had Melissa Damilia decided on something for the date with macho Greek Ioannis: “It was weird and I wanted him Ioannis actually not kissing today because Ioannis is something special for me and I’ve already kissed someone this week. ”However, she cannot resist his charm and sinks into his arms.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Shortly before the dream dates – which Rosenboy has to pack the bags?

While the unemployed Moritz only chaste one Bus’s gets, he goes Kuss-Marathon at the Homedate with Leander in the next round. “You are something very special,” he whispers Rosenboy in her ear and it’s over Melissa seen and the Bachelorette smooches with the next one RTL-Candidates to the bet.

Hardly comes to mind Night of roses, play the feelings of Bachelorette crazy. “Well I would now have this situation with Moritz, for example, it was a little one Bus’s, that’s not what bothered me so much now, but rather kiss With Daniel, because it was so intense. It’s really not like that in everyday life that you say, I’ll kiss you today, I’ll kiss you tomorrow and then it’s a difficult situation for me, it’s not really me, but you get into it here, “you have to Melissa determine. For which the RTL candidates the love adventure ends so shortly before Dreamdates and who is allowed to move into the Rosen-Finale to hope?

Hush! Of course we couldn’t help but have a glimpse of them sixth Bachelorette episode (available seven days before the TV broadcast on TVNOW). Moritz must after the sixth episode unfortunately start the journey home. If Melissa Damilia the decision based on the Kiss qualities the RTL singles has met? That will probably remain her secret for the time being.

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