Bachelorette (RTL): surprise! Austrian Daniel has a secret


Daniel Häusle has fought his way into the top 4 of the Bachelorette season and is now introducing Melissa to his father. But the Austrian is keeping a secret.

Crete in Greece – Quarter-final time on “Die Bachelorette” (RTL)! With Ioannis Amanatidis (30), Daniel Häusle (24), Leander Sacher (22) and Moritz Breuninger (31) four of the former 20 rose boys are still fighting Melissa Damilia (25).

Especially for Daniel Häusle are the chances of moving into Rose finals on Wednesday December 9th at 8:15 p.m. especially good. But before that happens, the attractive muscleman has to take one last hurdle and Melissa Damilia introduce his family. For the Austrian they are Homedates something very special, because in his past he didn’t have much experience in matters of women. has the details.

TV show: Die Bachelorette
First broadcast: 10. November 2004
Year (s): 2004, 2014–2015, since 2017
Episodes: 46 in 7 seasons
Sender: RTL Television
Long: 90 minutes
Occupation: Nadine Klein, Gerda Lewis, Arne Jessen

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): The last rose award is getting closer – Daniel Häusle has a good chance of reaching the final

The great Rosen-Finale am Wednesday, December 9th at 8:15 p.m. on RTL, comes closer and closer. Especially for the Austrian Daniel Häusle the chances of receiving the last coveted flower from Melissa Damilia are pretty good. Already in the first episode of the current Bachelorette episode there was a spark between the two – promptly the youngest handed over Rosenlady in the RTL-Story him the yellow rose.

Daniel Häusle has a good chance of making it to the Bachelorette finals (


Date after date could Daniel Häusle the Bachelorette more of yourself convince and score points with her with charm, wit, Austrian dialect and hardened muscles – despite the romantic togetherness, there was no kissing. But even without wet kisses and cuddling hours she showed Bachelorettethat there are sparks between her and her chosen one and already admitted after the second individual date with a smile on his face: “I believe that there is potential Daniel and me would be. “

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Homedate surprise – candidate Daniel Häusle has never had a girlfriend

Delivered week after week Melissa Damilia Daniel in the Night of roses the much sought-after flower and sent the Austrian one round. Now they stand Homedates on, the Corona-related not in the home of Rosenboys, rather take place on the Greek island of the sun.

This experience is something very special for the Austrian. Because so far the hot one had Bachelorette-Boy his parents neither presented a woman nor a steady one relationship. “Relationships have been a difficult topic for me so far. I haven’t been lucky enough to have a long-term relationship before respectively. If it doesn’t fit 100 percent for me, it won’t work in the long run, ”explains Daniel Häusle his existence as Permanent single.

The Bachelorette 2020 (RTL): Family-Time with Daniel Häusle – does he make it to the semifinals?

Learns on the first home date of the sixth Bachelorette episode Melissa Damilia visibly tense Daniel’s Family, represented by father Jürgen and brother Adrian. But all worries are unfounded because Daniels Family receives the Rosenlady with open arms.

Daddy Jürgen immediately senses that sparks are flying between his son and his chosen one: “Yes, there is something there. It’s just like that. And you can feel that. ”And also Melissa Damilia is sure that there is something between her and Daniel is beginning. After getting to know Daniel’s Family let the two Bachelorette-Turtle doves end the evening with a glass of wine. Cuddles by candlelight Melissa Damilia in the arms of the Rosenboysuntil the long-awaited kiss comes. Giggling there Melissa to: “He can kiss well.”

With the upcoming Night of roses must the Bachelorette make a decision? Does she want Daniel Häusle both Dreamdates get to know better and send him to the semi-finals? Yes she will! In the seventh episode The two lovebirds experience a truly wonderful date in Santorini and continue to get in touch. The Austrian is promptly rewarded and moves to the Rosen finale on December 9 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL with a beaming smile.

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