BAG reports 8,782 new coronavirus cases within three days


A week ago, 9751 confirmed cases were reported to the FOPH for Friday and the weekend. In comparison, the number of reported infections fell by around ten percent within a week. The number of reported hospital admissions fell by around three percent compared to the reported 410 a week ago.
The positivity rate for PCR and antigen tests for the past two weeks was 19.25 percent. During the same period, 642.27 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections were reported per 100,000 inhabitants.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,734,165 tests for Sars-CoV-2, the causative agent of the respiratory disease Covid-19, have been carried out in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as the FOPH announced on Monday. In total, there have been 327,072 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with the coronavirus.
So far, 13,192 people have had to be treated in hospital for a Covid 19 disease. The number of deaths in connection with a Covid 19 disease was 4445. Due to the contact tracing, according to the BAG, 32,902 people were in isolation and 38,305 people were in quarantine. In addition, there were 296 people in quarantine who had returned from a risk country.

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