Barby Kelly reappears after 20 years with an Instagram profile


Updated November 30, 2020, 3:27 p.m.

  • Barby Kelly has not been heard from for almost 20 years: neither in the form of stage appearances nor interviews.
  • The background was a mental illness.
  • But now the 45-year-old is back with an Instagram profile.

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They became famous with songs like “Who’ll Come with Me (David’s Song)” or “An Angel”. Since the mid-1970s, the Kelly siblings under the name of “The Kelly Family” as Street musician – later on bigger stages – through the USA and Europe.

To the Turn of the millennium Little by little the family music group broke up. So some of them concentrated, like for example Love and Michael Patrick, increasingly focused on her solo career.

Most recently in May 2020 the most recent “The Kelly Family“Member, Angelo, announced his departure from the band. Barbara Ann, better known as Barby, however, disappeared completely from the public in 2000.

The reason for this is one mental illness and taking strong pharmaceuticals. As Jimmy Kelly announced in an open letter on Facebook in 2013, the “star hype” was his younger sister not done well.

“I myself was with her for years at various doctors who, after lengthy discussions with Barby and I, agreed that it would not be a good idea for Barby to appear on a professional stage in this condition,” said the 49-year-old. But now – after almost 20 years – Barby is diving with one Instagram profile back on.

Signs of life from Barbara Kelly: fans are thrilled

The first post is a black and white image from her at the microphone – obviously a few years old. It says: “From now on there is an official Instagram account from Barby Kelly.” This profile is looked after by her brother, who is three years older Joey Kelly.

The fans seem to get over this Signs of life to be happy after almost two decades: after three days, the account counts already barely 20,300 subscribers. Also in the comments under the first picture there are mostly positives Feedbacksuch as, “I can’t believe it … how wonderful” or “Oh how happy I am”.

Before that, the 45-year-old was only occasionally musically active in the background. Among other things, Barby had in 2019 for the album “25 Years Later“the” The Kelly Family “their song”Break Free“Re-sung. On the cover of the record, or during public stage appearances, however, it was not to be seen.

Mourning in the “Star Wars” universe: British actor David Prowse, who played the sinister character “Darth Vader”, died at the age of 85.

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  • Image: “Quarrel with the” Kelly Family “. Big brother worries about little Kelly. Jimmy wants to protect Sister Barby.”

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