Bargain overview: Sonos deals on Black Friday: rock-bottom prices for speakers


Anyone who appreciates connected sound has probably heard of Sonos. The American manufacturer made smart sound systems popular in the first place. And on Black Friday, Sonos is one of the most sought-after brands. Anyone who decides on a speaker now can save a lot of money.

Smart Sonos speakers cheaper on Black Friday

Sonos speakers are networked, can be synchronized across multiple rooms and offer extensive access to streaming apps. The devices are accordingly in demand and unfortunately also expensive. Retailers like tink, Amazon or Otto are now offering very strong deals on Black Friday. There is a lot here, especially for packages that consist of several parts.

Sonos One Beam 5.1 home theater set with Chromecast with Google TV

While tech fans usually have to put 1,775.99 euros on the counter with the Sonos One Beam 5.1 home theater set, the entire all-in-one combination is now available from the smart home retailer tink for 1,259.95 euros. Included are a Sonos Beam soundbar, two second generation Sonos One speakers and a Sonos sub subwoofer. The Chromecast with Google TV is available for free. With this Black Friday deal, you save over 500 euros compared to individual prices. It’s worth it.



Sonos One Beam 5.0 Entertainment Set + Chromecast mit Google TV

689,95 € 976,99 €

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Sonos One SL Stereo Set mit Google Nest Mini

With this deal, the small Google Nest Mini speaker is included with the purchase of a Sonos One SL stereo set. Instead of the regular 457 euros, you currently pay 289.95 euros for this double pack at tink – and thus 167 euros less. A good deal, because according to the specialist magazine Computerbild, the Sonos One SL scores with a pleasant sound despite its compact dimensions.



Sonos One SL Stereo Set + free Google Nest Mini

289,95 € 398,00 €

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Second generation Sonos One

The Smart Speaker Sonos One Gen2 is currently available from Saturn for 154.99 euros instead of 229 euros (32 percent cheaper than the regular retail price). The current price comparison shows: Even with other Black Friday providers, this device costs at least 30 euros more, despite solid discounts.



SONOS One (Gen2) Smart Speaker

154,99 € 299,00 €

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Sonos One Stereo Set mit Google Nest Mini

If you want to make use of the stereo function of the Sonos loudspeakers, invest in several devices. The combination Sonos One Stereo Set and Google Nest Mini is now on sale at tink for 349.95 euros (instead of 517 euros). The package is currently not available cheaper from any other provider, and interested parties can save a good 19 percent with this deal. A Spotify Premium voucher for 6 months and a Google Nest Mini are also included with the purchase.



Sonos One Stereo Set + free Google Nest Mini

349,95 € 458,00 €

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Sonos One 3er Set

You can also save when buying three Sonos One devices. The set of 3 with Sonos One normally costs 590.13 euros, but is currently available from Tink for 504.95 euros. With this Black Friday discount you can save 85 euros. Anyone looking for a speaker system for the entire apartment that can be flexibly switched on and off is well advised with this offer.


3er Set Sonos.jpg

Sonos One set of 3 – WLAN speakers with voice control

504,95 € 687,00 €

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Sonos One 4er Set

One, two, three – do you want a little more? The second generation of the Sonos One set of 4 is currently available at tink for € 649.95 instead of € 786.84. That’s 17 percent less. A considerable amount of savings for all those who have been flirting with a purchase for a long time.

Sonos One + Google Nest Mini

The combination Sonos One Speaker and Google Nest Mini is available at tink for 188 euros instead of 233.50. The package is currently not cheaper with any other provider. Buyers also receive a Spotify Premium voucher for 6 months. A good introduction to the world of smart speakers.


Sonos Set.jpg

Sonos One + Google Nest Mini

188,00 € 288,00 €

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Sonos deals are apparently in high demand on Black Friday, and it’s not for nothing that many retailers are fighting a real discount battle. With bundles in particular, you can save a lot compared to the individual price.

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