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  • After the votes in the letter have been counted, it is clear that the government is moving towards the center.
  • Stephanie Eymann (LDP) and Kaspar Sutter (SP) are certainly elected in the second ballot.
  • Baschi Dürr (FDP) is around 1,100 votes behind Esther Keller (GLP) and has already admitted his electoral defeat.
  • The new district president is Beat Jans (SP), who is clearly ahead of Stephanie Eymann and Esther Keller.

The final result is still pending. But it is already clear that the Basel government is moving towards the center and Red-Green will lose the majority. This is because Heidi Mück from the Green Alliance could not hold the seat of Elisabeth Ackermann (Greens). Ackermann had withdrawn after a bad performance in the first ballot. Mück was the substitute candidate for the left.

The starting position was extremely difficult, says Mück. “I had very little time to distinguish myself and the headwinds against my clear positions were strong.”

The best result in the second ballot was made by Stephanie Eymann (LDP) with over 31,000 votes. “I did not expect such a great result, the greater my joy,” says Eymann. However, their joy is also a little subdued because it looks like the bourgeoisie will not be able to get a majority in the government.

Kaspar Sutter (SP) follows in second place. Theoretically, the race for the third seat is still open. Here Esther Keller (GLP) is currently 1,165 votes ahead of the previous security director Baschi Dürr (FDP). It is unlikely that Dürr Keller will be able to catch up with the ballot box.


Stephanie Eymann, Kaspar Sutter and Esther Keller can look forward to good election results.


So Dürr said to the “Regionaljournal Basel” from Radio SRF: “I have been voted out, I already admit my defeat.” Personally, he was satisfied with his election result. “But three others had more votes, I congratulate them on the election.”

The result of the election to the presidium is clearer. Beat Jans (SP) has a lead of over 3,000 votes over Stephanie Eymann. Esther Keller is far behind in the presidium.

So after 16 years, the Basel government is tilting towards the center. The bourgeoisie and the green liberals succeeded in a surprise coup with Stephanie Eymann and Esther Keller. Eymann has no political experience in Basel; Esther Keller has only been politicizing in the Basel Grand Council for around a year and a half.




The votes in letters are counted. The final result should be announced at 6 p.m.

The turnout in the government council elections is currently 53.5 percent, for the presidium election 52.6 percent.

Finance director Tanja Soland (SP) was elected in the first ballot on October 25 with a top result. They were followed by Health Director Lukas Engelberger (CVP), Education Director Conradin Cramer (LDP) and the new member of the National Council, Beat Jans (SP).

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