Basketball: Next damper for Austria in European Championship qualification



Austria’s men also lost the third game in qualifying for the 2022 European Championship on Sunday evening. They were subject to the selection of the host and defending champion Slovenia in the “bubble” of Ljubljana with 64:77. The Slovenes had also won the first duel in February, at that time with 85:78. Bogic Vujosevic (22) and Enis Murati (17) were the top scorers of the ÖBV selection in the second duel.

Austria’s chances of participating in a European Championship finals for the first time since 1977 have suffered another setback with their third defeat in Group F. The Ukraine will be played on Monday (5.10 p.m., live on ORF Sport +) A win is a must if the chances of participating in the continental tournament are to remain intact in just under two years. The ÖBV team lost the first leg in Graz nine months ago with 73:88.

The Austrians got off to a good start against Slovenia and led 12:10 (5th minute). After that, however, they couldn’t cope with the powerful defense of the opponent at all and fell behind in the second section with 27 points in the meantime. So after the break it was all about damage control. That was also thanks to a 9-0 start in the third quarter.

Distance throws as a drawback

What didn’t work at all in Austria for long stretches was the throw from distance. Six out of 23 was ultimately the result. In addition, up to a minute before the end of the third quarter, only three ÖBV players had scored. Vujosevic posted a personal best in the national team with 22 points in his third international match. Rasid Mahalbsic also added eight rebounds and seven assists to eleven points.

European Championship qualification, group F


Austria – Slovenia 64:77 (25:50)

Best throwers for Austria: Bogic Vujosevic 22, Enis Murati 17, Rasid Mahalbasic 11

Table: 1st Slovenia (4 games / 7 points) – 2nd Hungary (2/4) – 3rd Ukraine (3/4) – 4th Austria (3/3)

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