Bavaria postpones high school exams due to the corona crisis


Due to the Corona crisis, the start of the Abitur exams in the coming year will be postponed by almost 14 days to May 12, 2021. “We want all high school graduates to find fair conditions – in the exams themselves as well as in preparation,” said Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) in Munich. So far, the start of the Abitur exams was planned for April 30, 2021.

Piazolo wants to take countermeasures early on

The minister pointed out that the grammar schools start their final exams earlier than the other types of schools. “This is why quarantine measures and longer phases with distance learning are particularly noticeable in the Abitur classes and can lead to deadline pressure,” emphasized Piazolo. In order to relieve the time required to prepare for the Abitur, countermeasures are being taken early on.

In the BR discussion, the minister also pointed out that the Christmas holidays start a few days earlier this year and that material from the previous school year had to be made up for and repeated at the start of this school year.

Further postponement cannot be ruled out

In the event that the infection situation should worsen, a further postponement of the Abitur cannot be ruled out, according to Piazolo. “For this we have to wait the next few months,” he said.

If necessary, the date for the final exams of the corona situation will also be adjusted at the other types of school. The exams at the other types of schools are a little later, said Piazolo in the BR: “In this respect, we don’t have the same pressure. But we keep an eye on it.”

Abitur 2020 has also been postponed

Bavaria had already postponed the Abitur exams by a few weeks this year, from April 30th to May 20th. This was justified with the corona-related absence of lessons for several weeks. Despite the adverse circumstances, the high school graduates achieved a better degree in 2020 than in the previous year.

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