Beatrice Egli: Most beautiful look ever? Schlager star with a surprise – fans thrilled: “I have no words”


Beatrice Egli also points out her surprise song via Instagram story.

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Spectacular performance by Beatrice Egli: The Schlager singer delights her fans with her beautiful look. And the right music.

Pfäffikon – Wow, how spectacular! Bat-Star and DSDS winner Beatrice Egli (32) has with “Little Star” released a new single. And it should not only appeal to the ears, but via that Music video eyes too. The singer has a very, very special for it spectacular outfit thrown. A festive one Dream in white.

Beatrice Egli: Schlager star surprises with music video

“I have one for the reflective and glittering pre-Christmas season surprise for you, ”writes Beatrice Egli on Instagram. “Let me in on you with my new video ‘Kleiner Stern’ Advent Season kidnap. ”Your fans are only too happy to accept the invitation. “WOW. How nice is that, please ?! ”it says in the comments. “I have no words for something incredibly beautiful. JUST THANK YOU. I love it so much. ”Whether that means outfit or video or song remains unclear.

Beatrice Egli: Schlager star makes fans rave about

With others it is less ambiguous. “I would marry the woman in the video right away,” enthuses a male fan. “You are so adorable!” Another. “Your Smile is sooooo incredibly cute and makes you shine mega ”it is also said. And Beatrice Egli should also be happy about comments like “Beatrice you look like a dream” not only as a musician, but also as a fan.

At YouTube the whole video has been shown since Friday (November 27th), and by Saturday it had already collected more than 45,000 views and more than 200 comments. Going in a similar direction. Beatrice Egli gives many of them the strength they need in the difficult Corona period with lines of text like “Don’t worry”. “This song speaks to me so much! I miss my family, I think of you every day. ”Egli also regularly gives her fans private insights via Instagram – even if only when she says goodbye to an airport. (lin)

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