Berlin & Brandenburg: Kalayci: Red intensive care bed traffic light “important warning signal”


Berlin (dpa / bb) – The meanwhile red corona traffic light for the indicator intensive beds is to be seen as an “important warning signal” from the point of view of Berlin’s Senator for Health Dilek Kalayci (SPD). Not only the intensive care beds in hospitals in Berlin with more than 300 Covid-19 cases, but also the beds in normal wards with more than 800 Covid-19 patients, said the SPD politician on Monday in the health committee of the House of Representatives. She described the situation as acute and tense.

In the second wave of the pandemic, therapy and treatment options have advanced so far that treatment in an intensive care unit or with ventilation can often be prevented, the Senator said. Despite the good preparation, the hospitals could temporarily reduce their performance, especially if staff were infected. In order to protect the nursing staff, it is important to avoid infections in the city, said the politician.

The Berlin Corona traffic light jumped to red for a short time at the weekend due to the more than 25 percent occupancy of the intensive care beds with Covid 19 patients.

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