Berlin & Brandenburg: Police stop drug taxi and find marijuana


Berlin (dpa / bb) – Again a drug delivery vehicle was stopped by the Berlin police and the driver was arrested. On Sunday afternoon, police officers in Friedrichshain on Eckertstrasse noticed a man who alternately looked into passing cars and looked at his phone, as announced on Monday. Then a car stopped, the man got in, the car drove a few meters further and parked. The police watched as something was handed over and the man got out again. They stopped the car and arrested the 46-year-old driver and the 26-year-old pedestrian. More than 40 sachets of marijuana and a four-digit amount of cash were in the car.

Only last week there were several reports of drivers of so-called coke taxis being caught. Marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy and lots of cash were found in the cars and associated homes. One driver is said to have been a security guard employed by the police. For years, customers in Berlin have ordered drugs via messenger chats and delivered them to cars by dealers.

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