Berlin & Brandenburg: Woidke advertises SPD mayoral candidates: Sharp criticism


Neuruppin (dpa / bb) – Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) appeared in an election campaign with the SPD candidate Nico Ruhle in the mayoral election campaign in Neuruppin. The Berlin “BZ” reported on Sunday on the Internet. SPD general secretary Erik Stohn told the German press agency: “That was simply overlooked. It was immediately taken from the network after information was given.” The photo opportunity only came about last week.

This Sunday, the runoff election between incumbent Jens-Peter Golde (Pro Ruppin) and Ruhle was due. Woidke is the SPD state chairman and head of government. CDU parliamentary group leader Jan Redmann told the “BZ”: “Election recommendations in an official capacity are a clear violation of the government members’ rule of neutrality.” The chairman of the Greens, Julia Schmidt, told the newspaper: “The fact that Prime Minister Woidke of all people violates the required neutrality of officials is not possible! We will make that clear to him in the coalition.”

The SPD, CDU and the Greens wrote in their coalition agreement: “In its work, the state government will consistently differentiate between official government action and campaign publicity work.”

The photo with text on behalf of the SPD Neuruppin was among other things on Saturday in the newspapers “Ruppiner Anzeiger” and in “Märker am weekend”, and also occasionally on Facebook and Twitter. It says under a joint picture of Woidke and Ruhle: “I value Nico Ruhle as an imaginative and reliable partner with mayor qualities. Dr. Dietmar Woidke, Prime Minister of Brandenburg”.

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