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Berlin – A case of discrimination or just offended pride? A gay doctor with dark skin feels cheated out of a position by an AfD city council.

Denis Hedeler (51) came to Germany from Cuba in 1997 as an asylum seeker. He lives his homosexuality openly and is married to a man.

First he worked as a doctor in the Bremen health department. Hedeler has been the deputy medical officer of Treptow-Köpenick since 2018. In May 2020 the first conflict with his employer, City Councilor for Health Bernd Geschanowski (AfD). According to “Tagesspiegel”, the politician accused Hedeler of allowing the Müggelturm to reopen two days too early in the Corona crisis!

Health Councilor Bernd Geschanowski (AfD)Photo: Theo Schneider

When the medical officer retired, Hedeler applied for the successor. When the selected applicant resigned, Hedeler believed he would come in second. According to the district office, however, he lacked the necessary qualifications.

Hedeler feels discriminated against and has started an online petition. There he claims that the city council refused the promotion with the words “You don’t fit here”. The city council would have pointed to his skin and recommended that he “change his external image”. Hedeler says: “I left the office immediately, completely angry and shocked.”

Title of his petition: “Too gay, too black: AfD prevents the appointment of a medical officer”. Hedeler is certain: “What is a thorn in the side of the AfD is my skin color and my sexual orientation.” Over 26,500 people have already signed the petition.

According to the Morgenpost, the city council expressed itself to the district councilors as follows: “The allegations made are blanket and have not been substantiated by any evidence.”

The advertisement for the position (salary group B2, 7735.64 euros basic salary) is still active. There it says “We offer a collegial working atmosphere in a diverse, tolerant and cosmopolitan administration in which we advocate equal opportunities.”

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