Berlin firefighter is said to have posed in front of the NPD poster


Right-wing extremism

Berlin firefighter is said to have posed in front of the NPD poster

The employee is said to have been noticed earlier as a right-wing extremist. Superiors allegedly capped the incident.

Photo: Private

Berlin. There is a suspected right-wing extremist case at the Berlin fire brigade, which the authority has not yet confirmed. The Berliner Morgenpost received an anonymous tip on this. The information was also made public on a left-wing radical Internet platform.

According to this, an employee of the professional fire brigade, who allegedly works there with the rank of chief fire master on a guard in Kreuzberg, posed in front of a poster of the neo-Nazi party NPD with the inscription “Travel home instead of entry”. The name of the firefighter is known to the Berliner Morgenpost.

The photo sent to the Berliner Morgenpost, which allegedly documents the incident, was reportedly taken at a celebration in the courtyard of the Adlershof volunteer fire department. There the employee should work with the rank of chief fire chief. The time of admission is unclear. The slogan that can be seen on it was posted by the NPD in 2009.

Supervisors allegedly did not intervene

The NPD poster was allegedly hung up by a former fire chief of the Adlershof volunteer fire department. The new military chief is said to have also protected the actions of the alleged right-wing extremist worker because he should not have intervened.

The anonymous whistleblower also transmitted an entry from an “Abibuch” in which the allegedly right-wing extremist firefighter was described by classmates at the time. According to a screenshot that was also sent, he was characterized as a “budding neo-Nazi” and a “hooligan”.

A spokesman for the Berlin fire brigade could neither confirm nor deny the suspicion on Monday afternoon. It is a serious allegation that is now being intensively examined.

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