Berlin’s cultural scene and the pandemic: February target – culture


The senator is just as in the dark as everyone else. When live culture can start again in Berlin, he cannot tell the members of the Culture Committee on Monday. But he can at least report what the houses want. At the last joint video conference, the theaters named February 1st as their dream destination. The concert halls would like to start again in mid-January.

If the Senate discusses the Corona measures again in just under three weeks, the hoped-for scenario would have to be decided already, emphasize the major institutions. Because they need a certain amount of lead time so that they can restart their complex operations.

Klaus Lederer reports this very neutrally. In between times, however, you can tell that he thinks these ideas are more of a flowering dream of the stage. And that the curtains will probably have to stay closed longer.

First it is the turn of the children and young people

But what he already knows for sure is that the next time the culture is restarted, he will proceed in a differentiated manner and open the houses in stages. First of all, children and young people should be given the opportunity to have cultural experiences again. Then it would be museums where the so-called crowd management works well, i.e. the controlled admission of visitors.

As soon as the weather permits, outdoor events could take place, financed by the “Outside City” program. On the other hand, the closed rooms, i.e. the halls, will initially only be able to open if they have a ventilation system that “can create an areosol-free situation”, i.e. that ensures a quick supply of fresh air.

Many of the venues in the independent scene are not included, explains Lederer. The radial system, for example, does not have a state-of-the-art air conditioning system. That is why he expressly welcomes the concert hall’s attempt to provide free rooms to free ensembles in the spring. The Komische Oper and the Philharmonie are also considering this option, he says.

The private theaters should be further helped

Solidarity cooperation between state-subsidized houses and off-groups should be established in the city at all, even beyond the pandemic, the Senator believes.

As far as private theaters are concerned, he emphasizes that the current liquidity support should by no means be abruptly interrupted when the houses can finally reopen. Because many of the loans that they took out at the beginning of the pandemic now hang “like millstones around their necks”. Here it is important for the Senate to support the restart with appropriate start-up assistance.

And finally, Klaus Lederer also turns to the members of all parliamentary groups with a request: Because the corona funds not called up by the end of the year will expire for budgetary reasons, he absolutely needs the backing of Parliament in order to continue the current emergency aid programs with fresh money in 2021 to be able to.

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