Beverage recall for three types: Products can cause damage – THAT are the signs


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The manufacturer has to recall three varieties. Despite inaccurate statements, there are indications that consumption can be particularly dangerous for some people.

  • These three varieties of the affected: strawberry, peach and cherry “Mineau fruits” -Article should no longer be distorted.
  • The Recall* speaks of “Microbiological impairments”.
  • Contamination by germs, bacteria or viruses * is not uncommon.

Hanover – Warning: Consumption is not recommended. The Anna Zimmermann GmbH calls three “Mineau fruits” varieties back. There are indications microbiological impairments. This can have serious consequences, especially for babies, children and people with a weak immune system.

Beverage recall: three “Mineau fruits” varieties affected – the first signs are easy to see

peach, cherry and strawberry: These three varieties with one Shelf life date from 07.09.2021 and 08.09.2021 in the 0.75 l PET bottle should no longer be consumed, informs Anna Zimmermann GmbH, which belongs to the Vilsa Group, in their recall. “In the course of our quality assurance, indications of microbiological impairments determined ”, says the manufacturer.

Affected products
Mineau fruits peach 0.75l PET bottle 07.09.2021 and 08.09.2021
Mineau fruits cherry 0.75l PET bottle 07.09.2021 and 08.09.2021
Mineau fruits strawberry 0.75l PET bottle 07.09.2021 and 08.09.2021

First signs a pollution would therefore be a “Atypical smell and taste”. However, “when consumed [auch] a Health impairment cannot be ruled out. ”The manufacturer therefore recommends no longer consuming the affected products *, as also reported by

The manufacturer is recalling three of its “Mineau fruits” items. Including the strawberry variety.

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Beverage recall: products can be returned – manufacturer provides information on other products

“We have already informed our trading partners. The the goods in question will be withdrawn from the sale.“New customers should therefore no longer run the risk of buying a contaminated product. However, buyers who already have a corresponding product at home can return in the sales outlets and get the purchase price refundedaccording to the manufacturer. This is also without receipt possible.

All other products the Anna Zimmermann GmbH are according to the information not affected. They “meet our high quality standards”, according to the manufacturer.

Beverage recall: “Microbiological impairments” – what does that mean?

“Microbiological Impairments”: In this case, the manufacturer’s information on contamination and the consequences of consuming the “Mineau fruits” articles is more than sparse. informs, however, that “microbiological impairments” are mostly bacteria such as Escherichia coli or Enterokokken acts.

They mainly affect the intestinal tract and can cause too Abdominal cramps and diarrhea to lead. This is possible up to 72 hours after ingesting the bacteria. “For baby, children and People With weak immune system the symptoms associated with an infection with coli bacteria mean therefore a particular health risk“, so water test online. Coli bacteria can also migrate to other areas of the body and thus damage the bloodstream or the kidneys. Coli bacteria are the leading cause of Cystitis.

Currently also recalled: A spice that can increase the risk of cancer and a hand gel – a highly dangerous corona protection. (chd) * and are part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network.

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