Beware, black ice rain threatens here this week


At the start of the new week, it will initially remain dry in Germany. From the northwest, however, a weather front is approaching that can be dangerous.

It wasn’t really wintry on the first weekend in Advent. Numerous walkers drove outside on Sunday. But at the start of December it is gradually getting cooler in Germany. Low temperatures and drizzle threaten the streets. In her video column, expert Michaela Koschak explains where slipperiness is to be expected and what the weather will be like this week in your region.

Michaela Koschak studied meteorology at the FU Berlin and is known to many viewers from television. The 43-year-old presented the weather for Sat.1, MDR and NDR, among others. She is also a book author. She has been working as a weather columnist for t-online since 2019 and regularly comments and explains weather phenomena.

How she assesses the coming weather can be seen in the video above. You can find the post too here.

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