Bigger lake planned: The Beckhams fight with neighbors!


Again someone is trying to thwart the Beckham’s plan to create a lake! Victoria (46) and David (45) have long wanted their own body of water on their property. In the summer, the couple had to worry about the approval for their building project, but they finally got it. Now the lake is supposed to get bigger – which is why the neighbors are going to the barricades!

Loud The Sun Victoria and David have submitted an application to be allowed to design the artificially created pool even more spacious. Almost 3,000 square meters are now to be around 4,000. In addition, a small island is to be placed in the kidney-shaped basin. Overall, the lake would have a length of 102 meters and a width of 55 meters. Beckhams joy, their neighbors sorrow: They should be really angry now that the celebrities just can’t get their throats full!

A resident has already written a letter of complaint about this. His letter to West Oxfordshire District Council stated: “I have to object to this new application. I am concerned that the plan to enlarge the lake could significantly increase the risk of potential flooding. Besides, the lake is simple too big for the area for which it is intended. What’s next? Speeding motor boats that destroy the peace here ?!“It is not yet clear whether the neighbour’s protest will be successful or not.

The Beckhams estate in Harlow, England

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Romeo, Victoria, Harper Seven, Cruz und David Beckham 2020
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in May 2014

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