Black Friday 2020: Media Markt and Saturn make a spicy confession – customers romp on Facebook


Shortly before Black Friday 2020, many customers are frustrated with PS5 against Saturn and Media Markt. (Symbol image)

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Just before Black Friday 2020, Media Markt and Saturn have to make a confession. Many customers are angry – and romp on Facebook.

  • Shortly before the Black Friday 2020 the question of mega deals arises Sony PlayStation 5.
  • But game fans have the topic PS5 currently completely different worries.
  • A confession from the electronics retailer Saturn and Media market on Facebook lets the Customers romp.

Update from Friday, November 27th, 2020, 10:25 am: Delivery difficulties and bottlenecks in deliveries of the new ones PlayStation 5 from Sony annoy many customers – electronics stores like Media market and Saturn to feel.

Now the situation seems to be getting worse: some customers reported to “Games economy“From that her PS5-Package would have been sent and delivered – but never arrived. The gaming magazine further reports: “In one of the editors’ case, criminal charges for embezzlement have now been filed.” However, it is not possible to assess whether it is an individual case or an accumulation.

Black Friday 2020: Confession from Saturn and Media Markt causes displeasure – sometimes extreme waiting times

In addition, report Customers on facebook and Twitter from extreme waiting times and in one case also from a cancellation of the order Media market: “MediaMarkt refuses to send the package again, wants to cancel my order and refund me the amount.”

Black Friday 2020: Confession from Saturn and Media Markt makes customers riot – “Unfortunately …”

First report from Wednesday, November 25th, 2020, 12.41 p.m .: Kassel – the time had finally come in mid-November 2020. The Sony PlayStation 5 had found its way into the stores. It’s been around seven years since its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, was released. So it’s no wonder that game fans have been waiting longingly for the new console.

Weeks earlier Customers the PlayStation 5 Pre-order from various retailers – including the electronics stores Saturn and Media Markt. But numerous fans are still waiting in vain for the delivery of the long-paid PS5. Now Saturn and Media Markt are facing a massive shit storm.

Black Friday 2020: Fans are waiting for their PS5 – Media Markt and Saturn make confessions

Shortened loading times, better gameplay, improved optics: The PS5 brings many promises in advance. Gamers around the world couldn’t or can’t wait to finally try out their new console. The problem: Many customers were able to get one PlayStation 5 to back up, but still wait in vain for delivery shortly before Black Friday 2020.

It was announced last week that there will be delays in the delivery of the new game console. That was also confirmed by them Electronics retailer Saturn and Media Markt. For days, the two companies that belong together have been facing enormous pressure on social media because they have problems keeping up with the delivery.

PS5: Saturn and Media Markt are defending themselves against Black Friday 2020 – some customers are raging

To take some pressure off, posted Saturn and Media Markt at Facebookthat unfortunately the PS5 “Couldn’t provide everyone with a console directly”. And further: “The demand is very high and we are in close contact with the manufacturer in order to carry out all pre-orders as quickly as possible.” You do your best “that everyone gets their console as soon as possible”.

A promise that apparently falls on deaf ears. The revelation that some game fans will have to wait until December for their new console, even though it has already been paid for, ensures Indignation among the mail from Saturn and Media Markt. In addition, some supporters criticize failed corporate communications.

“It can always happen that something goes wrong in planning and logistics. But what must not happen, is a communication that the Ceconomy Group has done with regard to the processing of pre-orders for the PS5, “rants a Facebook user under the post. And he’s not alone with his anger.

PS5 rage shortly before Black Friday 2020 is discharging on Facebook against Saturn and Media Markt

Almost 2,000 – mostly angry – comments are now under the Facebook post from Saturn and Media Markt for late delivery of the Sony PlayStation 5 accumulated. While some users just desperately ask when the PS5 can be expected to be delivered, others let their frustration run free, as * reports.

“I’m glad you were able to do business with our money for a few months and at the same time lead us by the nose! Not all corporations do respect, ”rages one. Another user goes on: “That is terrible customer service. Never again Saturn or Mediamarkt. ”The long lack of feedback from Media-Saturn Holding is also repeatedly criticized in the comments.

PS5 drama: Facebook user makes fun of Saturn and Media Markt before Black Friday

A user tries it with sarcasm: “We’ll translate the whole thing into an honest one: Unfortunately, we made a lot of miscalculations when we made the pre-orders. We’ve contacted Sony and may know when we can ship consoles again and to whom, but we’re not giving out the information. The deliveries are postponed indefinitely. “

But not just on Facebook, but also on Twitter the hashtag is trending these days # Where staysMyPS5. The promise of Saturn and Media Markt, the PS5 Delivering as quickly as possible seems to be of little help. Only a few users complain about the impatience of their fellow human beings and speak of “luxury problems” in times of the Corona crisis. An opinion that gets lost in the whole PS5 frustration.

Media Markt and Saturn customers are sometimes extremely annoyed. The reason for this is the new PS5 from Sony (symbol picture).

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PS5 deals on Black Friday 2020? Fans have completely different concerns

This also makes it clear: Am Black Friday 2020 there will be no bargains for Sony PlayStation 5 give. Aldi lures with a popular Apple product on Black Friday and Saturn and Media Markt also know how to please with bargains on Black Friday. But according to “”, game fans have very bad cards if they only have one now PS5 want to order, to have them delivered in 2020.

So let Sony Interactive Entertainment report yourself recently: “Absolutely every console is sold.” Only large specialist retailers and chains are still supplied with the PlayStation 5 at all. So you can discover real offers on Black Friday 2020 with simple tricks, but the PS5 will not be one of them.

In any case, you should be absolutely careful when looking for discounts on Black Friday. Because: Experts warn of discount traps on Black Friday 2020. * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network

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