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The queues in front of the shops in the city center on Black Friday are unusually long. Photo: Lichtgut / Achim Zweygarth

The shops in downtown Stuttgart attract passers-by with colorful billboards this Friday. A large number of customers is expected on Black Friday this year as well. What do the people of Stuttgart think of the discount campaigns?

Stuttgart – There’s a lot going on in the city center. Loaded with heavy shopping bags, passers-by hurry across Königstrasse, while queues gradually form in front of the shops. A rather unusual sight in Corona times. But not on the fourth Friday in November, the so-called Black Friday. Following the example of the concept from the USA, on this day partially heavily discounted products are offered on the Internet and in shops. The trend, which for a long time was particularly widespread in online trading, has also arrived in Germany for several years.

Shop window advertising encourages buying

This is also the case in Stuttgart’s shopping streets, where eye-catching billboards in the shop windows attract customers. Some retailers extend Black Friday to several discount days, some days in advance of the discount campaign with “pre-deals”. Susanne Wunderlin, a passer-by on Königstrasse, says: “I don’t really care about Black Friday, but I let myself be a little stressed by all the advertising in the shop windows. You think you’re missing something ”. The passer-by Marion Dewar, on the other hand, does not allow herself to be tempted to go shopping by the advertising, but she makes targeted use of the special offers: “I want to buy a PC anyway and therefore wanted to wait for offers”.

Hakim Djawadi does a similar thing. “I generally never shop online. I always want to look at what I’m buying beforehand and hold it in my hand. But I’ll be taking advantage of the Black Friday specials in stores, ”he says. Others seem to prefer the discounts on the Internet: “I bought everything online. I do that every year on Black Friday. This year there are apparently more discounts on the internet than usual, I have a feeling. That is certainly due to Corona ”, suspects the passer-by Hanruo Zhao.

Consumption day under the influence of Corona

Gundolf Hartlieb also thinks that not only Black Friday, but also the corona pandemic has an impact on the buying behavior of Stuttgart. “I’ve seen lines in front of the shops. I do think that this is an issue for many today. In relation to the last few days there is already more going on in the city, ”he states. “Corona will certainly have a strong impact. Much will definitely shift to online shopping because people are more at home ”. The passer-by Peter Herrmann also expects that business on Black Friday will concentrate more on the Internet: “I think Corona is already having an impact on it. Wearing masks in the shops is a bit exhausting, so there are probably fewer people in town than usual on Black Friday. But it will certainly be more online ”. He himself will not take part in the discount battle: “This year I won’t be shopping on Black Friday. I don’t need anything at the moment ”.

Local dealers need support

Sven Hahn, the managing director of City-Initiative Stuttgart, is particularly concerned about stationary retail in Stuttgart. “Everything that is happening right now is extremely important for retail. We have about 40 percent fewer people in the city since Corona started in spring. We are currently not expecting more customers to come, ”said Hahn. He appeals to customers to go to stores despite Corona and to support local retailers instead of ordering everything online. Professional hygiene concepts have been implemented in the shops so that customers are on the safe side when shopping. “A third of sales are made in the Christmas business. Jobs depend on it. It is now more important than ever to support trade. If you want to do something good for Christmas, you should go shopping in the shops, ”said Hahn.

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