Black Friday: MediaMarkt advertising leads to escalation due to another product – “Simply disgusting”


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An advertising campaign by Media Markt backfired. Instead of guessing a product, the focus of the user was on a completely different article. A shit storm followed.

  • “Black Friday” * is causing an incredible stir in advance.
  • Media Markt let its customers guess a product on Facebook.
  • In the comments, however, the users are freaking out because of another article.

Munich – on days like this „Black Friday“* and the “Cybermonday” Bargain hunters are waiting eagerly. Thousands deals patter on the customers. On the social media platform Instagram one becomes with Discount codes just so flooded. Shops like Saturn or Media Markt advertise their Black Friday offers on Facebook. It’s just stupid if the actual product is ignored by the users because the customer explodes because of another item.

Before “Black Friday”: Media Markt makes an offer – but customers freak out because of a completely different product

“You know? Know! Which device are Celina and Claas describing here? ”Wrote Media Markt Germany on Facebook and posted a video. In it the two employees gave several tips. The sense and purpose? The Facebook users should guess and write the solution to the riddle in the comments. But this action backfired a little, as one could well put it.

While some users were still diligently revealing their guess, one user was already playing on a completely different one product at. “It would be nice if you put just as much energy into shipping the PlayStation5* could be stuck … “, he commented. When Media Markt resolved the puzzle in a video a short time later, the users could no longer seem to hold their own. “Did you guess which stylish device we are looking for here?” Was asked. But many Facebook users didn’t seem to care in the least.

Before “Black Friday” offers: Media Markt campaign backfires – users freak out: “You are just disgusting”

“Better do your job !!! Nice to ask for 500 euros in advance, do not keep a binding delivery date, no information about the whereabouts, the delivery etc. […] The greatest cheek and even insolence of Media market.
Oh, and then do some advertising and pour fuel on the fire, ”wrote an angry customer who pointed out the problems with the Sony PlayStation 5 alludes.

The new console promises game fans shorter loading times, better optics and smoother gameplay. However, many supporters are currently waiting in vain for the PS5 they have already ordered to be delivered. In addition, a nasty scam scam caused a stir on Ebay.

“Better look for mine PS5 in the warehouse, ”commented another Facebook user. Also the hashtag # Keep myPS5 is found frequently. Another user even uses the hashtag #NiewiederMediaMarkt to draw attention to his disappointment and anger. “I allowed myself to have fun and looked to see whether there were so many dissatisfied customers on the competition side. What do you think? “, Asked another and immediately hit another blow by referring to the actual advertising of the posted video:” Know good planning? “” You are just disgusting, “wrote one customer without further ado. Another, however, sided with Media market: “Even if you complain, Media Markt cannot help. Contact Sony. They produced too few ”.

But one thing will certainly become clear: before „Black Friday“* seem a lot of people deals of no interest at all as long as the long-awaited PlayStation5 was not delivered. What clearly fell behind was the product Media Markt was looking for. * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network (mbr)

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