Black Friday offer: Echo Dot and Amazon Music Unlimited in a bundle


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It’s the Volkswagen among smart Bluetooth speakers: we’re talking about the Amazon Echo *. The loudspeaker is available in different versions. These include, for example, the regular Echo, the slightly larger and higher quality Echo Studio and the further developments Echo Show or Echo Auto. But the Echo Dot, the smaller version of the Echo, is particularly popular. This may mainly be due to the fact that it can easily keep up with its big brother in terms of its sound and functions, but it is significantly cheaper. That probably explains why it can now be found in so many households.

Echo and Amazon Music Unlimited in a bundle

Bundle: Echo Dot Smart Speaker and six months of Amazon Music Unlimited – EUR 48.72 instead of EUR 96.66 *

If you don’t have an Echo Dot yet, that could change soon. For the Black Friday week there is an offer on Amazon that will make your purchase decision significantly easier. So you can buy the speaker with Alexa voice control in a bundle with Amazon Music Unlimited *. This means: If you order a third or fourth generation Echo Dot by January 11, 2021, you will use the music streaming service for six months free of charge. This not only gives you a flawless Bluetooth speaker, but also six months of unlimited access to 60 million songs, thousands of playlists and numerous radio stations – online and offline and without annoying commercial breaks. And because Amazon Music Unlimited * is compatible with Alexa voice control, the streaming service is made for the smart Echo speakers.

What good is the Echo and Music Unlimited bundle for Black Friday week?

Usually Amazon Music Unlimited * costs 7.99 euros per month. Customers without Amazon Prime even pay 9.99 euros for it. The bundle saves you at least 47.94 euros for Music Unlimited * alone. If you consider that the cheapest Echo Dot loudspeaker * (third generation) costs just 48.72 euros, that corresponds to a discount of up to 50 percent. With the newer model, the fourth-generation Echo Dot for 58.48 euros *, it is still 45 percent. So the bundle is quite impressive.

What else you should know about the offer

The offer with the Echo loudspeaker and Amazon Music Unlimited * is only available to customers who have never used Amazon’s music streaming service. In addition, it is only valid until January 11, 2021. You can cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited membership at any time. If you do not cancel the subscription before the end of the free period, it will automatically be extended by one month. From the seventh month onwards, you pay the full membership fee of 7.99 euros for Prime customers and 9.99 euros for all other users.

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