Black Mesa: Definitive Edition will be released today as the last major update to the game


What originally started as a mod project for Half-Life 1 in 2012 has evolved over the years as a complete remake of the well-known and still very popular 3D shooter. After a long Early Access phase, the game was so well received by the gaming community that the team around Crowbar Collective decided to bring out a Definitive Edition update.

With the Definitive Edition update, which has been available free of charge since yesterday, the developers want to ensure a better, graphically revised and even more entertaining version of the original game. This not only includes new character models and textures, the entire lighting and particle system is becoming more dynamic and even the level design has been partially completely revised and optimized. The gameplay has also been refreshed in some areas of the level so that it is on the new standard with the Xen Chapter update.

Furthermore, the balancing of the opponents received a fresh cell treatment, these were repositioned in the levels together with health packs and ammunition. In addition, various optimizations throughout the entire game ensure a significantly better performance on less powerful computers.

In order to enjoy the Definitive Edition, you have to be in possession of the main game Black Mesa on Steam. The complete patch notes can be viewed here.

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