Breakfast television: brutal torture – presenter struggles for composure


Breakfast television: brutal torture – presenter struggles with this video for composure

November 29, 2020 at 10:02 pm

Sat.1 Breakfast TV: These are the moderators

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“We had tears of sadness and anger,” reports “Breakfast television“Moderator Marlene Lufen. A video drove the experienced presenter to the edge of desperation.

It was extremely frightening pictures that did that Sat.1-„Breakfast television“Showed on Friday morning. And not only on TV some might have reached their limits. The subject of the clip: Elephants in Sri Lanka.

“Breakfast TV”: THESE pictures pushed Marlene Lufen to her limits

The majestic pachyderms look for food at a rubbish dump in the Ampara region. Hundreds of elephants move to the garbage to look for something to eat between plastic and dirt.


This is Marlene Lufen:

  • Marlene Franz was born on December 18, 1970 in Berlin
  • Since 1997 she has moderated the Sat.1 “Breakfast TV”
  • From 2001 to 2007 she moderated the program “WDRpunkt Köln”
  • As a candidate, she was seen in 2006 on “Das große Promibacken”
  • In 1997 she married the “Sportschau” presenter Claus Lufen – the couple separated in 2019
  • Marlene Lufen has a son and a daughter


The elephants are drawn to the rubbish dump from a nearby nature reserve. The dump is built very close to the reserve, protective fences and barriers have so far not been able to stop the animals. Now a protective ditch is to be dug to keep the elephants away from the dump.

“Breakfast TV” presenter Daniel Boschmann is stunned: “Something is going really wrong in the world”

“Breakfast TV” presenter Daniel Boschmann also seems shocked by the pictures. “Something is really wrong in the world when you have to see pictures like this, right?” He asks, without expecting an answer.


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It’s not an easy week for “Breakfast TV” presenter Marlene Lufen. So she not only brought the cruel elephant video to the limit of what is reasonable. At the beginning of the “Breakfast TV” week she also had to endure THAT. Spoiler: It got painful.

It became less painful, but a bit embarrassing for Sarah Lombardi during her visit to “Breakfast TV”. The singer made a faux pas. She didn’t notice that until later, however.

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