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Kurz called the test refusal “seriously negligent”.

On Monday, Chancellor Kurz sharply criticized the test refusal to prevent quarantine. He called this behavior “seriously negligent”.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has sharply criticized the refusal of corona tests to prevent quarantine for K1 people – also in companies. Such behavior would be “seriously negligent”, he said Monday evening in the (previously recorded) interview for the “Puls 4 / Puls 24” citizens’ forum. Those who do not get tested because they do not want to be quarantined accept that they may infect others with potentially serious health effects.

Kurz hopes for broad participation in mass tests

Kurz is hoping for the broadest possible participation in the mass tests that are now starting. They are the chance to “get through this crisis by the summer without remaining in permanent lockdown”. From an economic point of view, they are an “extremely cheap means”, as lockdown costs billions of euros every week.

Vaccination is supposed to bring “light at the end of the tunnel”

The expected “light at the end of the tunnel” will only bring the vaccination next summer. Kurz assumes that the 70 percent that are needed to eradicate a disease will also get vaccinated. At the beginning, however, you will have a different topic anyway – namely that there is not enough vaccine for everyone, but that it will only be delivered in tranches over the months. There will be no compulsory vaccination in Austria. Kurz also does not consider it necessary to link entry to Austria only with a corona vaccination: In Austria – as in Australia, for example – it is not about preventing people from being brought into the country. The virus is “very present here, so the issue will be that we have to exterminate it ourselves” – namely by vaccinating as widely as possible.

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