British Airways: Stewardess offers sex services to passengers


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In this case, many male fantasies are likely to have come true: The airline British Airways is currently looking for a stewardess who has offered passengers sexual services before, during and after work.

The flight attendant advertised her services on the Internet. The stewardess posted sexy photos in uniform on Facebook under the name “Air Hostess 71”.

The recordings were mostly made in the aircraft toilet or on the aircraft seats.

Sex on the plane: stewardess demands down payment for her services

It is not known whether there was also sexual intercourse with passengers on the plane. However, it is likely from reading the offers described. The woman’s face cannot be seen in any of the photos.

Among other things, she writes on her Facebook page: “If you ever want adult entertainment on board, all you have to do is give me money. You will then have a completely new experience of your choice … ”

Also lewd comments like “no panties on Sundays” can be read on the site.

One or the other passenger must have become weak at this prospect. It is unclear how potential customers can “book” the slippery offer. Also, how they find out, on which flight they will meet the woman or what the service costs.

What is known, however, is that the flight attendant requests a deposit in advance – 50 British pounds, around 55 euros.

British Airways: Flight attendant is said to be stationed at London Heathrow

According to a report by the British “Sun”, the flight attendant belongs to the British Airways crew, which is stationed at London Heathrow.

There she should also offer men sex in hotels. For sex meetings abroad, the customer would then have to check into a different hotel than she was “for privacy reasons”.

The flight attendant even goes a step further to raise money. As the “Sun” reports, she also sells her worn underwear on the Internet – for a bargain price of around 28 euros per slip.

In the meantime, however, the woman seems to have noticed that her services have been noticed and that attempts are made to hide her identity.

Twitter and Instagram accounts under the name “Air Hostess 71” have already been deleted.

On Facebook, users still see a few posts that prove it. that the flight attendant has been offering her services at least since the end of 2019.

British Airways: flight attendant threatens to be dismissed without notice

British Airways has launched an internal investigation because it is still unclear who is behind the name “Air Hostess 71”.

An airline spokesman told the “Sun”: “We expect the highest standard of behavior from all of our colleagues at all times.”

The flight attendant offered her services, among other things, during her official working hours. Therefore, she threatens to terminate her employment without notice. (jba)

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