Buy Playstation 5 (PS5) on Ebay: With these tips you can expose fraudsters


The Playstation 5 from Sony is currently very popular. Many consumers buy the PS5 on Ebay because it is out of print everywhere else. But that has some disadvantages.

  • Many sellers offer the Playstation 5 on Ebay an.
  • The PS5 is going to overpriced prices sold.
  • consumer scammers can deal with some Tricks expose.

Offenbach – role and family games, first-person shooters and sports simulations. Console fans come with the new one Playstation 5 (PS5) from Sony fully at their expense. Many millions of consumers were looking forward to the release date (November 19, 2020). The hype was huge. But it quickly became apparent for numerous gamers disillusionment one. However, that wasn’t because the PS5 didn’t live up to gamers’ expectations. Rather, it was and is Consoles sold out almost everywhere. The demand exceeds the current offer by far. Neither in Online-ShopsThe PS5 is currently still available in the major markets.

Playstation 5 from Sony: Four-digit prices for PS5 on Ebay

The only real chance to get a Playstation 5 from Sony to get hold of insists on internet portals such as Ebay and Ebay classifieds. There the consoles are sometimes offered at significantly inflated prices. Instead of the list price of 499,99 Euro sometimes ask sellers four-digit sums. But that is not the only problem: there are a lot of scammers on the website of the auction house Ebay. If you fall for this, you must expect the total loss of the transferred purchase price for the PS5. However, there are some tips that consumers can use Online villains don’t get lost.

The Playstation 5 (PS5) is sold at exorbitant prices on Ebay.

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First of all, you should definitely refer to the Seller Rating be respected. If there are repeated complaints there, it is advisable to look for other offers for the PS5. Potential customers need to be particularly careful with this Providers who have only been active on Ebay for a short time and so far have only received a few good reviews, as the magazine “Games Wirtschaft” reports.

Playstation 5: Read carefully the description of the PS5 offer on Ebay

It is also advisable to use the Description of the offer on Ebay to read carefully. Lots Seller only offer that packaging the Playstation 5 from Sony for sale. This is usually stated in the description, but negligent consumers sometimes do not pay attention to it and then pay several hundred euros just for the box. Also Photos of the console are sometimes offered.

Playstation fans should just click Consoles in their original packaging offer or only offer them via “buy it now” Ebay acquire. The PS5 from Sony still suffers from some “Teething troubles”. If the packaging has already been opened, it is therefore likely that something is wrong with the console.

Playstation 5: Do not order PS5 from Ebay sellers from abroad

From orders of the PS5 at Providers from abroad consumers should stay away from it. It is much more difficult to track down the scammers in the event of problems. There is on Ebay Filterthat can be set to be exclusively German seller are displayed.

Console name: Playstation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Type: Stationary game console
Generation: 9. Console generation
Storage medium: Blu-Ray
Publication date: 19. November 2020

Even with the Payment method there are a few things to consider. You should choose a payment method that allows you to get your money back in an emergency. Ebay itself offers one Buyer Protection at. At Ebay classifieds this can be concluded for an additional charge. When paying the Playstation 5 via PayPal it is also possible to get your money back in case of fraud.

Buy Playstation 5 (PS5) on Ebay: Create screenshots of chat histories

The communication with the seller of the PS5 from Sony should be through the official channels of Ebay to run. When buying over Ebay classifieds “Games Wirtschaft” recommends direct contact with the provider – preferably by Telephone. Furthermore, customers can protect themselves by Screenshots of the chat history save. Also the Product description should be photographed so that after several weeks or months it can still be proven what the seller has offered. Should in case of fraud legal action initiated, this can lead to a refund of the money.

Does the provider live in the same city as the consumer, it makes sense that Playstation 5 from Sony to be picked up there personally. Especially at Ebay classifieds this procedure is often possible. So the console can be opened directly on site Defects and completeness to be checked. If the pickup is not feasible, a Insured shipping recommendable.

Many players still have to wait for the Playstation 5 and therefore continue to gamble on the old PS4.

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It is recommended that console fans only existing goods acquire. When buying a reserved PS5 Ebaywhich has not yet reached the seller should be omitted. On the one hand, there is a risk that consumers on one Fake-Shop fall for, who in truth has no consoles available. Should the offer of a reserved Playstation from a reputable seller origin, it can take months for the Game console finally arrives at you. If the photo of the advertisement is not a self-shot, but advertising material from Manufacturer Sony, this could be an indication that the PS5 has not even reached the seller, as “Games Wirtschaft” reports.

Buy Playstation 5 on Ebay: Scammers lurk for reckless customers

Whether buying a PS5 from Sony above Ebay or Ebay classifieds really worth it, every console fan has to decide for himself. What is certain is that this increases the chance that the new console will arrive on time Christmas at the consumer arrives. However, you sometimes have to dig deeper into your wallet and you run the risk of falling for fraudsters. In addition, the purchase of the PS5 often contributes professional resellers according to “Games Wirtschaft” does not help the overheated market to calm down. (Tobias Ketter)

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