Buyers complain about the PS5’s teething problems


Graphics problems, error messages, strange sounds: some players report frustration with the new PlaySStation5.

While most PlayStation fans are disappointed that they are without a console due to the delivery bottlenecks at the start of the PlayStation generation, some owners report strange mishaps and problems.

So far, I myself have been in the fortunate position that my console has only had minor flaws so far. The Playstation 5 is quiet and works without a hitch, except for the occasional game crash, which is why our test report was extremely positive.

Other buyers were apparently less lucky, as you can now see in various posts on social media. Graphic flashes or artifacts are reported frequently. Too much overclocking could be behind it, believe some who know the phenomenon from the PC. Heat problems could also have such unpleasant effects.

Even a certain error message spoils the fun of several users. If you get the code “CE-108255-1” to read, should – according to the official recommendation on support page – delete the affected game from the hard drive and then reinstall it. It is also recommended to start the console in safe mode and select the option to rebuild the database. If that doesn’t help either, Sony’s support team recommends resetting the console and reinstalling the game or app.

Another error code that worries gamers: “CE-109801-9”. Behind this is a database corruption. This occurs noticeably often when changing the time zone or when browsing the PlayStation Store. As an antidote, Sony recommends updating and restarting the PS5. If that doesn’t help, the next step in escalation is to reset the console.

Curious sound effects

But it can be even more weird: In some cases, the new console emits sounds that have absolutely nothing to do with the games or the new 3D audio technology: humming and humming, beeping and clacking – this is supposed to be the state of the art -the-art-technique sound? Various gamers ask themselves this question on Twitter and Co. When investigating the cause, coil whine and an incorrectly stuck sticker on the fan are just as popular as possible reasons.

Mysterious stains on the PS5’s side panels

The white sides of the PlayStation5 are actually a design delicacy. The owners of the new console couldn’t believe their eyes when they noticed dark areas on the side panels. Some users believe that the optical flaw, which is only noticeable in certain lighting conditions, could be an inconspicuous production error that occurred when bending and bending the side panels. Others consider heat problems that appear to be plausible. The blemish does not affect functionality, but aesthetes are unhappy with it.

Cross-platform trouble

Annoying for the hunter-gatherers among the players: Both PS5 owners and Xbox Series X users occasionally report that there are problems with cross-platform synchronization with regard to saved games and achievements. In particular, the Ubisoft titles “Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla” and “Watch Dogs Legion” are susceptible to this. Especially when using Ubisoft Connect, this effect seems to show up.

A bug in the download queue is also known. Games or apps get stuck in an endless queue for no apparent reason or trigger an error status. As a remedy, Sony recommends booting in safety mode and then rebuilding the database.

For skeptics, the question arises as to whether the corona pandemic not only led to delivery problems for the next-gen consoles, but also to gaps in production quality. Sony and Microsoft clearly deny this. And in fact there is no evidence that the problems circulating on the net with Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 are a mass phenomenon. Nevertheless, the individual cases are regrettable. Because anyone who has to send their brand new console to customer service now has to expect longer waiting times.

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