Bye bye note: Samsung is stomping on popular smartphone series


Christoph Lumetzberger
30. November 2020

                <p>The sparrows have been whistling from the rooftops in recent months and now it seems to be a reality: Samsung is discontinuing its Note series.<span id="more-170088"/> The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the last phone of its kind. Fans of the series are screaming, but Samsung's move makes perfect sense on closer inspection.

Years ago, the size difference between the Galaxy series displays and the Note phones was immense, but it has steadily shrunk in recent release periods. In the meantime, if you compare the current Note with the S20 Ultra, we have reached the identical display diagonal of 6.9 inches and the biggest selling point, the large display, is gone. Therefore, the step seems logical and understandable.

Image: / quangmooo

Fans of the series, who especially like the S Pen for pen operation, don’t have to despair. Because the S Pen should instead find its way into two upcoming flagship models. Both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the S 21 Ultra should support Samsung’s input pen. An official confirmation is still pending, but the digital forest of leaves is rustling louder and louder and Samsung will not dare to completely do without the S Pen, which is very popular with many fans.




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