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The car rental company dares to make a forecast again. Sixt expects consolidated operating sales of 1.5 billion euros for the 2020 financial year, the SDax Group announced on Monday evening. The management also expects a pre-tax loss of 70 to 95 million euros. The Corona crisis hit Sixt’s business hard. In 2019, sales were still 2.5 billion euros, and earnings before taxes were 308 million euros. In August, Sixt withdrew the forecast for 2020. Sixt named the uncertainties from the current partial lockdown as the reason for the range in pre-tax losses. A prerequisite for the forecast is also that there are no further, stricter contact and travel restrictions. The contribution of the leasing business, which has meanwhile been sold, is not included in the forecast, it said.

The soaring of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla on the stock exchange is causing the assets of company boss Elon Musk to increase further. According to the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index” billionaire ranking, the 49-year-old star entrepreneur overtook Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates yesterday and is now the second richest person in the world. Thanks to the strong price increase of Tesla shares by 6.5 percent, Musk’s fortune climbed by 7.2 billion to 127.9 billion dollars in a single day. Since the beginning of the year it has already grown by a whopping $ 100.3 billion. Gates recently made it to $ 127.7 billion on Bloomberg’s super-rich charts. His fortune would be much higher if he didn’t donate so much money. At the top of the billionaire list is still the undisputed Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated at $ 182 billion by the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”.

Today, the lanes of the roads in Lower Austria are predominantly dry to salty, in the Waldviertel and Weinviertel, in sections, the formation of ice frost due to freezing fog must be expected. In the gaming area, too, there is frost formation at higher altitudes from around 700 meters. The required spreading operations are in progress everywhere. In the area of ​​Atzenbrugg, Bruck / Leitha, Dobersberg, Gänserndorf, Geras, Gloggnitz, Haag, Herzogenburg, Hollabrunn, Korneuburg, Langenlois, Lilienfeld, Mank, Mistelbach, Mödling, Pottenbrunn, Poysdorf, Raabs / Thaya, Ravelsbach, Retz, Sierndorf, St. Pölten, Waidhofen / Thaya and Zistersdorf there are sections of ground fog with visibility between 30 and 70 meters. The temperature this morning ranged between -5 degrees in Pöggstall and +6 degrees in Kirchberg an der Pielach.

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