Chancellor makes it clear: “There is no way around it” – Coronavirus


On Puls 24, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) spoke in an interview about the approaching corona vaccinations in Austria.

On Monday evening, the “Corona Citizens Forum” with the topic “The great vaccination summit” rose at Puls 4 and Puls 24. Anchor Thomas Mohr conducted an interview with Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on the subject of vaccinations. According to a Gallup survey, 35 percent of Austrians rule out getting vaccinated against corona. Chancellor Kurz: “It is important that we achieve a certain percentage, experts speak of 70 percent, in order to eradicate a disease. The fact that a few do not get vaccinated does not matter.”

“We will have too little vaccine for months,” said the Chancellor. So the problem of those who refuse to be vaccinated will initially not exist. “There is no getting around it. We can see what this virus does – dead, full intensive care units, economic damage.”

Russians vaccination?

Should there be freedoms only for vaccinated people in the future? In short: “Everything is conceivable. We will only have certain freedoms again when more people have been vaccinated.” He reminds of international airlines that only want to carry vaccinated people. “We will see this path internationally,” said Kurz. You have to do more persuasion.

Asked whether Austria could make entry dependent on vaccination: “We do not have a sea border and are a country with great exchange with other countries. We have to eradicate the virus in Austria, there is no question of the vaccination requirement for entry.”

Could Austria also rely on the vaccination from Russia? “We are relying on European procurement,” said the Chancellor.

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