Cher saves the loneliest elephant in the world – people


Finally peace, finally freedom and finally enough to eat …

For five years Cher (74) fought for an elephant that had to eke out a very sad existence in the zoo of Islamabad in Kazakhstan. All alone, chained, neglected. But the pop star did not give up.

▶︎ With her charity “Free The Wild”, which she co-founded, she was able to save Kavaan, the elephant’s name. “This is the most wonderful moment and more than I ever expected,” she says aloud “The Sun“. “I’m so excited that after five years of work we have managed to get Kavaan to travel to Cambodia.” There the elephant comes to a sanctuary.

Cher stands proudly in front of a transport box specially built for KavaanPhoto: TANG CHHIN SOTHY / AFP

A final greeting with the trunk to his carer - then Kavaan is off to freedom

A final greeting with the trunk to his carer – then Kavaan is off to freedomPhoto: AAMIR QURESHI / AFP

The animal came to the zoo as a calf in 1985, spent 35 years of its life in captivity and has been malnourished ever since. The zoo in Islamabad was also closed in May and only volunteers took care of Kavaan.

Asian elephants can live up to 80 years. And so Kavaan finally has the chance to spend the next few decades in a species-appropriate manner.

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