City celebrities on the new Stuttgart mayor: “Frank Nopper can overcome gaps” – Stuttgart


General music director Claudius Meister is “first of all glad that our new mayor is not going to be a brothel owner or a lateral thinker.” Photo: borggreve

The expectations of Frank Nopper are great. “The new mayor can overcome rifts,” says entrepreneur Andreas Lapp. Publicist Peter Grohmann predicts: “He’s getting a lot of steam in the council.” Votes from celebrities for the election.

Stuttgart – How good a new Lord Mayor is for his city is not revealed by promises made during the election campaign, but only later in his term of office. Theaterhaus boss Werner Schretzmeier, who is not surprised that the CDU candidate Frank Nopper has won (“Schreier and Rockenbauch couldn’t leave each other”) will not forget what the new mayor said two years ago in a Zoom conference Stuttgart artistic director has promised. “He said that there was no reduction in the cultural budget under him,” reports Schretzmeiuer, “we like to take him at his word.”

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