City of Bern elections – Red-Green defends all four seats in the Bern city government – News


  • Elected for the Red-Green-Middle Alliance are: Alec von Graffenried (GFL), Barbara Teuscher (Greens), Michael Aebersold (SP) and Marieke Kruit (SP).
  • Despite the alliance, the bourgeoisie have no chance.
  • The center remains represented in the government: Reto Nause (CVP) is re-elected.

The turnout was 54 percent, 5 percentage points more than in 2016.

Alec von Graffenried remains Mayor of Bern. In the elections for the city council he was re-elected with 34,930 votes. The opposing candidate Stefan Theiler (Zämä) received 2,413 votes (6.5 percent). The absolute majority was 18,673 votes.

Alec von Graffenried is very satisfied with his result. “I think there is too much outrage in politics. I want to bring in more peace and serenity », says von Graffenried.

This is the new city government

Nobody voted out

The CVP man Reto Nause trembled for his seat. But he just made it – and was able to prevail against bourgeois candidates. “It’s a huge satisfaction,” said Nause. It is his best result so far. Bernhard Eicher (FDP) is one of the losers – the bourgeoisie. They don’t get a seat. “Apparently we couldn’t mobilize our voters,” says Eicher. “It’s too early to draw any conclusions. Now disappointment is in the foreground. “

«A strong sign from the left camp»

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The left camp can rightly be pleased. When it won four of the five seats in the Bern city government four years ago, many spoke of it as a chance victory. In fact, the bourgeois camp had fallen out at the time. This year it is different: The commoners competed as one, but still had no chance against the dominant red-green camp.

The election result is a great triumph for the green parties and the SP. And a shame for the commoners. Again it was not enough. That is astonishing. Many observers agreed that the alliance should have worked.

But two things were probably forgotten. Bern may seem sedate from the outside, but politically, the city is the leftmost big city in Switzerland. It is difficult for the commoners, very difficult. And: The policy, as it has been practicing the RGM Alliance for almost 30 years, is very popular with voters, says SRF regional editor Thomas Pressmann.

Marieke Kruit from the SP is new to the government: “I am relieved that RGM can continue the previous policy. We still have a lot to do. “

Waiting for results to the city parliament

The results of the city parliament are not yet known. According to the city information service, the results will be announced by 11:30 p.m. at the latest.

Regionaljournal Bern Freiburg Wallis, 12:05 p.m. and other broadcasts on voting Sunday;

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