Claudia Obert (celebrities under palm trees / Sat.1) after cosmetic surgery: fans shudder – “picture is terrifying”


Claudia Obert pulling the strings after the lift.

© Screenshot Instagram / @claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert, known from the TV show “Celebrities under Palms”, recently went under the knife. Now their fans are reacting to the result.

  • Claudia Obert is known to many from the TV show “Celebrities under Palms”.
  • The 59-year-old is known for not mincing words.
  • Now she underwent a beauty operation – her fans are not enthusiastic.

Schwerin – luxury lady Claudia Obert we know primarily from the Sat.1 reality series “Celebrities under the palm trees“. Her followers love her for her coarse humor and her open-hearted manner. On Instagram, she repeatedly gives private insights, often talking about men or alcohol. Now the 59-year-old posted pictures and videos from one Beauty clinic in Schwerin. The “Celebrities under Palms” participant is their appearance known to be very important. So she went under the knife for a makeover.

Claudia Obert posts video from the clinic – “Make a young girl out of an old box”

After the operation, Claudia Obert posts Video from the clinic with an eye maskdesigned to minimize the swelling of the wounds. Underneath, she writes: “Used car dealers do it: reset the speedometer, steam blast the engine block: I can’t spare myself it either. Spraying a little paint is no longer enough for me ”. Im Video she explains: “We worked three fields”. The surgeon’s daughter who the Lifting-OP has attended, says: “We tightened the upper eyelid a little, the lower song”. The hairline was also cut and the area pulled up.

Claudia Obert’s surgery result causes massive excitement among fans

After the operation Claudia Obert posts a picture of herself and himself Surgeon “Reinhard”, senior physician Dr. Dr. Reinhard Bschorer, in the clinic in Schwerin. The words below: “Reinhard, I love you. Reconstructive surgery: he turns an old box into a young girl ”. Your Fans but don’t seem to be in the same high spirits. They comment: “Don’t blame me, but the picture is terrifying, like an old grandma“. Or: “Sh *** – you look 10 years older”. Another follower writes: “Why are you doing all this to yourself, you don’t need to! Who are you competing with? ”.

Claudia Obert shows fans pulling strings

Led in the video Claudia Obert still self-confident from: “The task was: I want to look younger, but you can’t see that I’m lifted”. Oops, did that work so well? In any case, the self-made millionaire herself seems to agree with that Result of the procedure * to be satisfied a week ago. Even when pulling strings, she takes her fans with her via Instagram and writes: “Pulling strings in Schwerin and off to Hamburg in shops. CIAO crow’s feet, bags under the eyes, ‘curtain’ drooping eyelid ”.

Claudia Obert can be seen again on TV from January 2021. In „Claudias House of Love“ she looks for the right one in a dome show. (jh) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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