Claudia Obert: Post on Black Friday sparked debate about racism


Hamburg –

She doesn’t mince her words, doesn’t always think about it before she says something and she couldn’t care less what others think of it: Claudia Obert (59).

For a post that the entrepreneur and reality TV participant (“Celebrity Big Brother”, “Celebrities under Palms”) published on so-called “Black Friday” (November 27, 2020), there was a lot of criticism.

Claudia Obert triggers the racism debate with Post

This is the Friday after “Thanksgiving”, which is traditionally the day of the year with the greatest discounts, especially in the USA, during the pre-Christmas period.

“Black Friday” is now also taking place in Europe. Here, however, mainly in online shopping, in the USA more in retail.

In any case, Obert took up the day and posted a photo on her Instagram page showing an older white woman and a younger man of color.

Above it is a French text, in German it means: “Grandma also has the right to benefit from ‘Black Friday’.”

Claudia Obert: Criticism for Post on “Black Friday”

What Luxuslady Obert found particularly funny, did not please many users at all. Here are some of the comments on the post:

  • Simply parade example of racism. Unfollow right now.
  • Anyone who finds something like this funny is partly to blame for the fact that racism is still present in our society.
  • Age! What racist shit! Unfollow!
  • All those who now again do not understand that this is racism, only prove that they have no idea what racism is!
  • Just tasteless!

However, there are also some positive comments under Obert’s post. This sparked a heated debate on racism. Here are some posts from those who found the post funny:

  • I had to laugh a lot, I don’t laugh in the basement either.
  • A good reason to celebrate Black Friday every Friday.
  • A little bit of fun is always good.
  • Claudia is celebrating so champain.
  • It has to be a “White Saturday” right away … with a lot of white men and dark-skinned older women … so that people can find their way again! I thought your post was super funny.

As always, the 59-year-old didn’t take the whole thing very seriously.

Claudia Obert defends Post after accusations of racism

On Saturday (November 28, 2020) she said to RTL: “We all think it’s funny. It tore us all apart with laughter. ”

The entrepreneur continues: “Sexism and the blackies, that’s always a good way to make jokes. And I have a lot of colored friends who laugh about it too. ”

Many other people, however, do not. For example presenter Mola Adebisi (47). He finds the joke “absolutely tasteless.”

By the way: It is not clear where the name “Black Friday” comes from. One thing is certain: it has absolutely nothing to do with people’s skin color. (sku)

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