Climate change and its consequences: the city of the future


IIn the north-west of Berlin, a man walks up the steps of a staircase with wide strides, pushes the door to a roof terrace and looks up into an ashen sky. Orphaned asphalt runways lie beneath him, and one aircraft after the other has disappeared over the past few days.

“Now it’s finally getting serious,” says Philipp Bouteiller. He wears a white shirt and a black suit with a pocket square, suitable for both occasions that he associates with this place, farewell and beginning.

Bouteiller says he flew countless times from Tegel into the world. But he has come to talk about the future. In the next few hours he will run his finger over architect’s plans, pace the green around the runways and use sentences that are as wrinkle-free as his shirt to transform an inner-city airport into a district of the future. Where others look from the visitor terrace and see desolate land under thick fog, Bouteiller sees the answer to one of the great global questions: How do we want to live in the future?

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