Cologne: Celebrity strolls past the cathedral – does nobody recognize him?


A celebrity from Germany dared a little trip to Cologne Cathedral – but despite the tourist hotspot, no one there really seemed to recognize her.

  • Trip to Cologne – ARD presenter Mareile Höppner shows up before Cologne cathedral.
  • The 43-year-old is filming in the media city.
  • Does anyone even recognize them at the tourist hotspot?

Cologne – You can see it with a thick jacket, scarf, hat and winter boots Celebrities in Cologne. She strolls inkognito through Cologne city center – even starts a trip to the Cologne cathedral. It almost shines in competition with the sun. Who is hidden so well here? It is a “Brisant” presenter Mareile Höppner! The photo is perfect – but wait a minute … will the fans even recognize it, as wintry as it is wrapped up? We actually know the presenter in rather classy, ​​chic outfits, after all she is at “Brisant” every day during the week ARD to see. In any case, the few passers-by who can be seen in the photo do not seem to notice them.

Your winter outfit fits – but would you have guessed Mareile Höppner? This is probably what several fans and TV viewers thought when Mareile posted the picture in front of Cologne Cathedral on her Instagram account. Your 106.000 Follower celebrate on the social media platform Incognito style of the presenter Of course, anyway: “Very pretty … Cologne is getting a significant upgrade!”, comments a user under her Cologne Cathedral photo.

Mareile Höppner in Cologne: What are the plans behind your trip?

The 43-year-old fills her picture caption like this: “Looks super relaxed on my trip to Cologne 😉 I was outside for five minutes and otherwise in the studio all day. And here only for the picture without a mask. It’s clear 😉 Tomorrow I need you! 20:15 “- a call to your fans and a hidden message? The solution: On Friday 27. November starts the new Sat.1 show “Pretty in Plüsch“- at which Mareile Höppner will also be seen. In the Singing show six celebs get a plush coach at their side, with whom they can go on a Live-Performance prepare with song and dance.

“Pretty in Plush” on Sat.1: Mareile Höppner is a candidate

Mareile Höppner is one of the participants in the new show – she will now have to prove her skills. In your Instagram-Story there was already to see how she did not get her high heels directly on and had to get help. “I’ll tell you my friends – learning to sing is not that easy. And having to dance at the same time is really complicated. We are pladikowski! It’s now 10 p.m. and we’ve spent the whole day here. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just sleep through tomorrow. Otherwise, if I wake up, it would be cool if you watch TV at 8:15 pm, ”said the presenter. How will Mareile fare in the new vocal show? She will definitely keep her Instagram followers up to date throughout the day.

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