Cologne: mulled wine hike, bagatelle draws consequences


Cologne –

A great idea to start the first weekend in Advent, but then unfortunately it got out of hand: The mulled wine hiking trail in Cologne’s southern part of the city involuntarily turned into a happening on Friday evening (November 27th). With consequences. As the “Bagatelle” restaurant posted on Facebook on Saturday, November 28th, they will withdraw.

Cologne: “Bagatelle” is annoyed about non-compliance with Corona rules

“We can no longer guarantee security on a section of Alteburger Strasse. Too many people crowded there yesterday, Friday, there was a lot of rubbish and some of you don’t want to understand the 5-person rule or are just intellectually overwhelmed, “it says there.

And further: “Don’t get it wrong, we are 100% behind the format of the mulled wine hike and yesterday we saw how it can work in parts of Südstadt and in Ehrenfeld. We know that the idea will now also be implemented in many other areas, that will straighten out the situation and make it more relaxed for everyone. “

“Bagatelle” in Cologne no longer serves mulled wine on Altenburger Strasse

Because it got so full and the Corona rules were not adhered to, the “Bagatelle” will no longer serve mulled wine on Alteburger Straße.

During the so-called mulled wine hike, Cologne residents should be able to buy hot drinks at restaurants and stalls and then go for a corona-compliant walk.

“When we came up with the idea of ​​the mulled wine trail, we wanted to take a walk with our best friend, or have a good chat with a brother, aunt or neighbor. And for help for the very battered gastronomy. Not about a happening on the street, ”the“ Bagatelle ”article continues. It is unclear exactly how many people were there.

Südstadt in Cologne: “Bagatelle” pulls the rip cord – guests show understanding

There are now dozens of comments on Facebook. And the reactions are mostly clear: “Great idea. It’s a shame that people didn’t stick to the rules, ”was the unanimous tenor.

The majority of users think the decision of the “Bagatelle” restaurant is correct.

Among other things, it says:

  • “A good and consistent decision.”
  • “Stopping the mulled wine sale is a very responsible and correct decision, Chapeau and thank you!”
  • “Respect for your absolutely right decision. There were just too many people in one place and one or the other thought that he could now hold the Christmas market on Alteburger Strasse. “
  • “It’s a shame. The only right decision. You are part of a great idea … and then it is broken again by the ignorance of some people. “

Many users are annoyed by the misconduct of some visitors, but also see themselves as responsible: “It’s a shame. Now we are practically taking the little wonderful rays of light that the great restaurateurs have created for us! “

Another user writes: “It’s a shame that people don’t think along. In order to at least curb the garbage problem on the one hand, everyone could bring their own reusable to-go mug or thermos? “(Red / susa)

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