Communication researcher: Nopper won’t have it easy


The new Stuttgart Mayor Frank Nopper (CDU) will face tough negotiations in the local council. “It will not be easy for him,” said communication scientist Frank Brettschneider from the University of Hohenheim on Sunday evening to the German press agency. In the second ballot, Nopper only received just over 40 percent of the vote and thus not an absolute majority. “That is not a brilliant election result.”

In addition, the Greens dominate the municipal council with 16 seats. With the parliamentary group Linke / SÖS (8) and SPD (7), the eco-social camp has a majority in the committee with 60 members. Nopper must try to organize majorities, said Brettschneider about the current mayor of Backnang (Rems-Murr-Kreis). “You can hear from Backnang that he’s good at it.”

It is also unclear whether the eco-social camp will stick together again or whether the rift from the election campaign will continue, said Brettschneider. Three candidates from this political spectrum, who were fairly even in the first election campaign – but clearly behind Nopper – had not been able to agree on a common opponent.

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