Construction site break-in in Stuttgart-East: Unknown steal a 400 kilogram mixer pump – Stuttgart-East


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Thieves who haunted a construction site in Stuttgart-Ost on the weekend had a hard time hauling. They stole a 400 kg mixer pump. The police are looking for witnesses.

The perpetrators gained access to the construction site in Stuttgart-East via the site fence. (Symbol image)

Photo: dpa / Marijan Murat

Stuttgart-Ost – It was not easy prey for the thieves at a construction site on Schlachthofstrasse in Stuttgart-Ost. They stole a 400-kilogram mixing pit last weekend.

The perpetrators gained access to the construction site via the fence between Friday around 5:30 p.m. and Monday around 7:40 a.m. The stolen mixer pump was not only heavy, it was also expensive, valued at several thousand euros.

According to the police, the perpetrators are so far unknown. Witnesses are asked to report to the officers on 0711/89903500.

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