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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The substances that are vaporized in e-cigarettes are often not sufficiently labeled. At least one defect was found in 42 of 49 products checked. This emerges from the report of the market surveillance on chemical safety, which the environment ministry published on Monday. That corresponds to a complaint rate of 86 percent.

The inspectors most frequently complained that the information on the label was difficult to read. In addition, the prescribed safety instructions were often missing. The reason for the many complaints is that many retailers only knew the guidelines for tobacco products, but not those for chemicals.

In contrast to classic cigarettes, no tobacco is burned in e-cigarettes, but a liquid is vaporized. The so-called liquids contain, among other things, nicotine and flavorings.

The market surveillance authority in Baden-Württemberg checks products nationwide and removes dangerous devices from circulation. The work of the 100 inspectors serves to protect consumers and should also protect the economy from distortions of competition. The authority has its seat at the regional council of Tübingen.

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