Contract signed: Aaron Carter plans career as a boxer


Musically, Aaron Carter has stopped working for a long time. Now things are getting financially tight for the former child star, and he is thinking about a job change. At least he should now have signed a deal with a well-known boxing promoter.
Aaron Carter hasn’t made positive headlines for a long time. For years, the former child star, who recorded his first album at the age of nine, has been falling more and more. His drug and drug addiction troubles him with psychological problems. In love one scandal follows another, and musically it has not been able to celebrate success in ages. But now it should finally go uphill again for the singer – as a boxer.

As the US celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, the 32-year-old has just signed a deal with the celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman. So Carter apparently wants to save himself from the financial depression he is currently in. A first fight should already be planned. Accordingly, Carter could train until spring before he has to get into the ring in Los Angeles.

Fight against beaver?

It is still unclear who he will compete against in April or May, but then it will probably also be a celebrity. Aaron Carter’s dream opponent is Justin Bieber, according to “TMZ”. It is questionable whether the 26-year-old is actually interested in such an argument.

Carter’s last attempt to raise money also caused a stir. As reported by American media, he is said to have played guitar and masturbated naked in front of the cameras of the porn platform “CamSoda”. In October, he also shocked his Instagram fans with a clip in which he had pigtails plaited onto his tattooed head with unnaturally dilated pupils.

The brother of the former Backstreet Boy’s Nick Carter has already been in rehab for a number of times. Most recently, he had his mother take him to a Florida hospital in the fall of 2019. Shortly after his return to Los Angeles, he got engaged to influencer Melanie Martin. Rumors of a faked pregnancy followed, before the two separated again quickly – fights and police operations included.

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