Corona and Propaganda: China’s German key witness


CHina’s propagandists have found a new key witness for their assertion that the corona pandemic by no means began in China, but was brought to Wuhan from abroad: the German virologist Alexander Kekulé. Kekulé didn’t say that at all. But the foreign channel of the state television, CGTN, used hands-free statements that the German scientist had made last week on the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”.

There he explained his thesis that the virus that circulates worldwide is a genetically modified variant that “actually only appeared in northern Italy”. It is more infectious “than the original Wuhan variant”. When moderator Lanz remarked that it sounds exactly like the Chinese state propaganda, Kekulé made it clear: “Of course it (the virus) comes from China.” says leading German virologist. “

The CGTN video is part of a broad-based campaign with which China’s state media are currently spreading the claim at home and abroad that Sars-CoV-2 was originally imported into Wuhan via foreign frozen foods. “All available evidence would point to this”, wrote the “People’s Daily” last week, which reflects the official view of the Communist Party.

The newspaper cited, among other things, an Italian study in which scientists from Milan and Siena want to have proven that Sars-CoV-2 was already circulating in Italy in September 2019. The People’s Daily did not mention that other Italian scientists question this result.

The game of confusion is having an effect

She also failed to say that one of the study’s authors, Giovanni Apolone of the National Institute for Research on Cancer, made it clear that his research was not evidence that the pandemic did not originate in China. “These results only document that the epidemic in China was not discovered in time,” he said a few days ago at a press conference in Milan. Nevertheless, the Chinese news agency Xinhua published a video on Monday in which the Italian study was cited as evidence for the frozen food thesis.

The game of confusion is having an effect: in a recent survey by the Yougov-Cambridge Globalism Project, only 52 percent of the Chinese surveyed believed that the coronavirus was first discovered in their country. Almost a third believed it first appeared in the United States. This may have something to do with the fact that Chinese propaganda has long claimed that thousands of American deaths in the wake of the flu wave of autumn 2019 were in fact corona infections.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has been waiting months for the green light from China for a delegation of international experts to come in to determine the origin of the pandemic. This is considered important in order to be able to more easily prevent a future pandemic. A member of the expert commission, the Dane Peter Ben Embarek, said last week that the experts in Wuhan would like to interview those fish market traders who were among the first known to be infected. “We don’t know how the virus jumped from its most likely natural environment, the bat population, to humans,” said Embarek. China, on the other hand, has urged “all countries” to “step up their cooperation with WHO to advance the search for the origin.” The State Department spokesman said last week that the search for the origin of the virus “could include numerous countries and areas” .

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