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The 4 p.m. numbers on Sunday were less positive than the trend had previously suggested.

On Sunday afternoon, with the update at 4 p.m., the picture of the current corona numbers in Vorarlberg turned a little. There are also three other deaths to complain about.

107 people tested positive for the corona virus in Vorarlberg on Sunday until 4 p.m. 102 people were declared recovered during the same period.

The number of people actively infected with corona rose again to 3018 cases (as of Sunday 4 p.m.). Three more people died on Sunday on or with the coronavirus, bringing the Covid-19 death toll to 125.

31 intensive care patients

On Saturday, 16 people with COVID-19 were admitted to the hospitals. A total of 152 COVID-19 patients are cared for as inpatients. 311 of the 432 normal beds available for treatment of COVID-19 patients are still available.

In addition, 200 normal beds for COVID-19 patients have been prepared in the Dornbirn emergency care center. A total of 79 beds are available for intensive medical treatment of patients. 31 COVID-19 patients currently need to be treated in the intensive care unit.

In addition, 22 non-Covid patients receive intensive care. There are currently 26 intensive care beds available for all patient groups. Three people died yesterday in connection with the virus in Vorarlberg’s hospitals.

81 hospital employees have tested positive for corona, 40 are also in quarantine.

Numbers from the districts

Most actively positive cases are still in the Bregenz district (989), followed by Feldkirch (849), Dornbirn (649) and Bludenz (477).

Figures from the municipalities

As of Sunday afternoon, there were 15 Vorarlberg municipalities with 50 or more actively infected. In nine municipalities, the number of cases was over 100, with the city of Dornbirn (333) ahead of Bregenz (259), Feldkirch (257) and Lustenau (173) in the lead. Seven of the 96 Vorarlberg municipalities were free from the corona virus.

Vorarlberg is no longer a “hotspot”

According to the corona dashboard of the Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), Vorarlberg had a significantly better value on Saturday with the seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants than last and even fell below the Austria average. With 303 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, the state was better than Salzburg, Carinthia, Tyrol, Upper Austria and Styria.

The Austrian average was 349.

With a seven-day incidence between 240 and 353, the four Vorarlberg districts are roughly in the lower midfield of all 94 Austrian districts. Especially noteworthy is Dornbirn, which a few weeks ago was still considered an Austrian “problem child”. The Dornbirn district now clearly has the lowest value of all Vorarlberg districts.

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